You can help persons with Ataxia and their families with a donor-advised fund

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Two Ways to Make a Gift from Your Donor-Advised Fund


Step 1: Enter your donor-advised fund name into the tool below and press “GO.”

Step 2: Access your DAF account and make a grant to the National Ataxia Foundation in minutes.


By naming the National Ataxia Foundation as a beneficiary of your donor-advised fund, you can continue your legacy of empowering the Ataxia community. Your generous gift will ensure that your name and your values live on for generations to come.

Information for Beneficiary Designation

Legal name: National Ataxia Foundation
Federal tax ID number: 41-0832903
Address: 600 Highway 169 South, Suite 1725, Minneapolis, MN 55426

Your Impact

“I had never heard of Donor Advised Funds. Within the past couple of years my wife and I decided to move out of investments to a strategy that focuses on tax saving, philanthropy, and end of life decisions. A DAF allows us to continue our giving while also taking advantage of tax savings today. NAF came up because SCA type 2 is in my family. Quite dramatically. My symptoms have gotten to the point I finally decided to do something. NAF has been very helpful, and I hope they continue their work. I plan to continue my support of NAF through my Donor Fund.”

— Bill Deane, NAF Supporter

There are many ways to use your donor-advised fund to make a powerful difference in one of our key impact areas. You can find out more about the opportunities available on our website.

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