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When you support the National Ataxia Foundation, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Accelerating Promising Research

NAF is the only foundation in the U.S. that is dedicated to finding a cure for all types of Ataxia. This commitment has resulted in important progress that has contributed to an understanding of the disease mechanism, gene identification, development of rating scales, and translational research. Thanks to your support of our global research efforts, there have been an increasing number of scientists working on Ataxia, advancing new discoveries and treatments around the world. With your support, NAF will continue to be on the forefront of the fight to prevent, treat, and cure Ataxia. 

Hear from experienced Ataxia researcher Jaques P. Tremblay, PhD about how NAF’s research grant program supports his work and his passion for finding a cure:

Supporting Ataxia Families

From local support groups to educational resources and opportunities to connect with others in the community, your support allows NAF to provide vital programs and services for Ataxia families.

Thanks to you, we can offer many resources for Ataxia, including a comprehensive library of brochures, fact sheets, and books. NAF also publishes Generations, a quarterly magazine centered around Ataxia and families affected. We provide a number of ways for the Ataxia community to connect, such as: NAF Support Groupsa Facebook Ataxia Support Group, various Ataxia events, medical expos, and most importantly, the Annual Ataxia Conference – a two-day conference designed for Ataxia experts and Ataxia families to come together.

Hear Stephanie Wilkins’ inspiring story of living with Ataxia to see the kind of difference your support of NAF makes for people like her:

Partnering to Advance Breakthroughs

Collaboration is key for accelerating research and finding answers for people with Ataxia and their loved ones. Your support allows us to partner with pharmaceutical companies in the search for treatments and a cure, and to work closely with the world’s leading Ataxia researchers to promote exchanges of ideas and innovation in Ataxia discovery.

See how critical collaborations are for finding the next groundbreaking discoveries in Ataxia treatment:

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