I’ve been with the ataxia foundation a year now so I’m still getting my feet wet. The correspondence has been great, no doubt it’s helping lots of people!. I take note of all the activities offered. I was able to attend my first walk in September. My takeaway was there were a lot of people that really need the NAF.

Symptoms began about 6.5 years ago, diagnosis of cerebral ataxia followed 2 years later. I remember that day all so well while exercising at my old house. After having my eyes and ears checked out, I finally met (after many suggestions ), Dr. Susan Perlman at UCLA. 3 years later I still see her. I am currently a part of their study and go up to UCLA every 3 months. At this time I am walking, but only with assistance of my walker or friends. I find it getting tougher as I was a very active person. Fortunately, we moved into one of my former elder homes so it pretty equipped with all I need. My eldest son is now 30 and is very helpful. I also have one of my former caregivers lives here. She helps out a lot too. I’ve had couple falls in the last few years. A broken wrist,(3 years ago) which required surgery and a broken pelvis last which healed quickly and nicely